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Pandemic gave me a recognition that our patients were connected through therapy or medications management with the providers they had been seeing even before the beginning of this Pandemic.

But it was heartbreaking to watch the people in the workforce, healthcare fields especially the frontline workers, the nurses, and doctors, especially my own colleagues suffer in silence. Mothers struggling to care for their children and at the same time having to maintain full-time jobs.

Many healthcare workers felt helpless and traumatized to see the pain of millions struggling with COVID, families grieving for their loved ones who succumbed to the ill effects of this dreaded illness.

Being in the business of caregiving somewhere their own needs got compromised and led to a barrage of stress, anxiety, and emotions that they had never felt before. They either didn’t know who to go to or were still reeling under the stigma of needing help for their mental well-being. Many were scared to go seek help due to fear of either losing their jobs or jeopardizing their future job prospects, again due to stigma attached to mental health.

That is what led me into starting this coaching practice. Through coaching, I hope to provide this long deprived population in the workforce, parenting, frontline, healthcare, or industrial setting, who have always made caring for others a priority, the support, a chance to be heard, tools for their own self-care, ability to handle stressors, handle emotions and prioritize their own emotional well-being.

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 Dr. Najmun Riyaz.MD

Through her coaching sessions, and using the power of her own inner wisdom, empathy, intuition, combined with knowledge and experience, will gently guide you, and help you in;

  • Finding your inner power.
  • Manage work-related stress.
  • Identifying barriers that are stopping you from finding your true potential.
  • Help you build your self-esteem.
  • Become a more confident person.
  • Remove barriers to your ability to communicate effectively.
  • Handle relationships with integrity and mutual respect.
  • Help find work-life balance.
  • Meaning and methods of developing self-love.
  • Meaning of “true friendships”, and partnerships.
  • Help you set healthy boundaries with “difficult people” in your life.
    Healing from past traumatic experiences.
  • Develop a loving and respectful relationship with your loved ones, be it your children or your spouse.
  • Help with parenting issues.

It may shockingly surprise you to see how you not only are capable of identifying or becoming aware of your inner capabilities, but also how you can achieve your goals by utilizing that inner power be it in your professional life, personal life, or even spiritual life.

Disclaimer: Coaching does not replace psychiatric evaluation or therapy which may be needed in certain cases. Dr. Riyaz, through this site, does not provide Psychiatric evaluation or med management. She is licensed to practice psychiatry only in the State of NJ. If you are a resident of NJ and are looking for medication management or psychiatric evaluation from Dr. Riyaz, kindly click on “additional services”.

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