Additional Services

For Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication management.
Dr. Riyaz is licensed to practice Psychiatry only in the
State of New Jersey.

Currently, she only sees patients for Psychiatric evaluations and medication management in the State of New Jersey via Teladoc, and Headway. Go to and click on her profile, and it will take you to a portal to book an appointment with Dr. Riyaz. Or click on the link below to check your eligibility.

Teladoc is a multinational Virtual telemedicine healthcare company. If you are not eligible with headway, you can try going to


call them at 1 .800 Teladoc to see if your insurance covers their services and ask for an appointment with Dr. Riyaz. Kindly be aware that Dr.Riyaz does not prescribe any form of a controlled substance like Benzodiazepines, Narcotics, or stimulants. Teladoc and Headway are HIPPAA compliant platforms for Medical and Behavioral health services.

The consultation sessions that Dr. Riyaz offers via this website are only and only for coaching and not for psychiatric purposes. Coaching is not about diagnosing or treating a mental illness. Coaching means only setting goals and helping you reach them with the help of a coach.

Kindly refrain from booking any consultation sessions with her via this website to enquire about your Psychiatric needs. She does not offer any consultation for Psychiatric needs via this site.

  And if you are a patient from either headway or Teladoc or looking at out of network services from her, kindly refrain from using this site, as it is not HIPPAA compliant.

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