Dare To Exist

Transform Yourself

In this 8 weeks group coaching program for Women to heal from their past wounds and become the best version of themselves.



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What to expect?

The goal of this group coaching is to find out what is keeping you stuck in your current dysfunction and help you regain back your self-esteem and your confidence, and live a life that is authentic, pleasurable, and to its full potential.

2 Payment Option Available:
$750.00 One-time Payment | $375 2 monthly Payment

Do you ever find yourself:

Stuck in a toxic relationship with your partner, a friend, or a family member, you feel drained of all your energy, leaving you helpless, confused, and unhappy.
Stuck in a toxic job where you feel that the only reason you are in this is for a paycheck? You dread showing up to work every morning, you can’t wait till the day is done and you can go home, but you are not happy at home either. Your mind is racing, and you are only obsessing about what transpired between you, your boss, or your coworkers.
You feel that your relationship with money seems not quite a healthy one. You find yourself worrying about money all the time. You can not enjoy yourself cause at the back of your mind is the future worries of do I have enough? Am I saving enough? You find yourself working 60 hours a week, feeling drained, and questioning whether this is the right thing to do. Or you seem to be making impulsive and rash decisions regarding money. You can never save; it’s never enough.

2 Payment Option Available:
$750.00 One-time Payment | $375 2 monthly Payment

In this 8-week course, you will learn to:

Dare To Exist Inner Peace Woman
Experience deeper intimacy with your relationship you have in life, either with people, romantic partners, your job or, your money, or even other worldly possessions—especially your relationship with your parents or family of origin.
Let go of the past hurts that have held you hostage for decades that prevents you from having a healthy connection with people, money, and possessions.
Create an authentic, healthy, and meaningful connection with your relationships in life.
Through this group coaching, you will get some amazing insights into who you truly are. What matters to you the most? How you got here? And how to move forward with grace, dignity, authenticity, courage, and with being fully present.

So you not only will learn what it means to exist wholeheartedly, but you will learn what is your true purpose of being on this mother earth is.

And once you uncover your true self, you will feel liberated, confident, strong, and above all, content with a deep sense of inner peace.

So come and join me on this 8 weeks journey of weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom.

2 Payment Option Available:
$750.00 One-time Payment | $375 2 monthly Payment


Date: Jan. 5th – Feb. 23rd, 2023
Meeting Time: 12:00 pm Eastern Time

Weekly 90 minutes group live virtual groups meetings via Zoom

Weekly journal prompts

One guided meditation audio

One-to-one support via email

Exclusive discount one-to-one private coaching sessions with Dr. Najmun

Seats are limited to only 20 women.

So apply to see if you qualify for this amazing 8 week program.

2 Payment Option Available:
$750.00 One-time Payment | $375 2 monthly Payment

Hi! I’m Najmun

Psychiatrist and Empowerment Coach

I am a board certified psychiatrist in the state of New Jersey for last 23 years and a Certified Empowerment Coach. I own a virtual Telepsychiatry practice called Zehen Global LLC, in the state of New Jersey, and also run a social media campaign in Kashmiri, India called Zehen, through which I raise mental health awareness in the conflict-ridden area of Kashmir, India, where I was born and raised. I coach women in workforce and empower them into being the best version of themselves at a global level.

I completed my residency at Saint Elizabeth’s medical center, affiliated with the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA.

20 percent of the proceeds from this group will be donated to “ Mauj”, a support group for single mothers from low income households in Kashmir that Dr Riyaz and Fouzia Bhat run via zoom.

Disclaimer: Coaching does not replace psychiatric evaluation or therapy which may be needed in certain cases. Dr. Riyaz, through this site, does not provide Psychiatric evaluation or med management. She is licensed to practice psychiatry only in the State of NJ. If you are a resident of NJ and are looking for medication management or psychiatric evaluation from Dr. Riyaz, kindly click on “additional services”.