How to Manage the Holiday Stress – FREE Webinar

by Dec 21, 2022Education, Holidays, Mental Health

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It’s That time of the year again.


Even though a lot of us feel the warmth, smiles, and inner joy of celebrating Holidays with our friends and families. Eating together, cooking together, sharing laughter, and memories, and recreating those deep and meaningful connections.

Yet there are many, for whom this time brings challenges of their own, be it busy working moms, with young children, some of whom have to work 2 jobs to make their needs met, or some who have such a busy schedule, that there is little time left for holiday shopping, buying gifts, wrapping them, cooking and then organizing elaborate Christmas dinner.

And in our profession how can we forget those, who have had a difficult childhood, or who unfortunately come from abusive backgrounds and for whom the word Holidays, activates those painful memories of trauma, and holidays becomes a difficult time for them?

No matter what the challenges, for a lot of us Holiday can be a stressful time.

To know why we feel this feeling of dread, why our brain goes into flight and fight mode, the moment the Holiday season approaches, and what can we do about it? How we can make this time joyful, and meaningful and stay in the spirit of the true essence of the Holiday, please join me in this free webinar by clicking on the link below, and learn some fascinating ways our bodies perceive stress. How each one of us is also naturally possessed with some amazing, stress relieving systems.

Hope you all have a safe, peaceful, and mindful holiday and an equally peaceful Happy New year!


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