Dr Najmun Riyaz services

Dr. Riyaz provides the following services via this site. Hit “Contact” to schedule a coaching appointment or book her to speak.

Due to COVID-19, we are currently providing our services either through phone or Virtual speaking events.

Please note that Dr. Riyaz does not provide psychiatric or therapy services through this site.

Dr Najmun Riyaz Services for individuals

For Individuals

Through Dr. Najmun’s one-to-one coaching sessions, and using the power of her own inner wisdom, empathy, intuition, combined with knowledge in Human Behaviour, Brain Chemistry and decades of experience in handling some of the most challenging clients, she will gently guide you towards self-awareness and empowerment.

Dr Najmun Riyaz Services for coaches

For Coaches

Dr. Riyaz, can help you with any questions, provide suggestions and guidance to handle difficult or complicated coaching cases. So that you do not have to terminate them, or transfer them to different coaches. You can retain your clients and you can grow into more competent, and more compassionate coach.

Dr Najmun Riyaz Services for organizations

For Organizations

Dr. Riyaz. will work with you to understand your meeting objectives, prepare topics that will cater to the need of your employees. The packages could range anywhere from Seminars and workshops, for groups as well as some one-to-one coaching for the employees if that is the need of your organization.

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