Dr. Riyaz, can help you with any questions, provide suggestions and guidance to handle difficult or complicated coaching cases. So that you do not have to terminate them, or transfer them to different coaches. You can retain your clients and also consider their challenges as opportunities to learn more about human behaviour, gain more experience, above all be able to help them cause that’s why they came to you in the first place. Thus grow into more competent, more compassionate coach.

With her decades of experience in supervising many Nurse practitioners, and Physician Assistants, Resident Physicians, and handling clients from severe traumatic backgrounds, emotional dysregulation, combined with her knowledge of Brain science, she can give you feedback, and advice that may lead you and your coachee both to have that Aha! moment which every coach and coachee is so looking forward to.

Since she appreciates all the work the Coaches do to make this world a more emotionally regulated, and empowered place, and help people from all walks of life with their day-to-day challenges, she only charges a flat rate of $250.00 per session as a consultation fee for coaches.

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