Packages can be tailored to the needs of the company. Dr. Riyaz will work with you to understand your meeting objectives, prepare topics that will cater to the need of your employees as mentioned below. She will spend the time with you upfront to get to know you, your audience, and your organization. The packages could range anywhere from Seminars & workshops for groups as well as some one-to-one coaching for the employees if that is the need of that organization.

Dr. Riyaz through her 23 years of experience in Human behavior as a practicing psychiatrist and having worked with some of the most challenging clients in an empathic way understands how human relations work, what can be the barriers to preventing us from communicating effectively and or thriving in our work and personal lives. She will give you her unique perspective and provide you with some very motivating, dynamic, and transformational workshops/seminars.

Some of the common topics she talks about are:

Emotional Intelligence/Stress Management

Self Compassion

Effective ways of Communication.

Causes of low work productivity.

Anger Management

Mental Health Awareness

Women’s empowerment

Building trust in organizations and teams.

Diversity and Inclusion.

Work-Life Balance


Recovering from Traumatic experiences.


How to build strong Personal and Professional Relationships.

To discuss the requirements of your organization

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