Looks like you have decided to handle the stress in your life with grace and confidence. So below are the Three Videos on learning how to do that. Watch them at your convenience. Feel free to join the Facebook group to comment or ask any question
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How stressed-out are you?

This test will give you some idea about how much stress you are facing in your life right now. This takes most people about 2 to 4 minutes to complete. Take your time and answer truthfully for the most accurate results.

Video #1: How Brain Perceives Stress

In this Video Dr. Riyaz shares how our Brain perceives Stress, and why our body goes into an uncomfortable state that we call “Stress”.

Video #2: Learn how your body is naturally gifted with some amazing Stress Busters!

In this video, Dr. Riyaz shares how our bodies are naturally gifted with hormones that we call stress busters, and what are some ways we can help our bodies release those chemicals, thus leading to a sense of wellbeing.

Video #3: How to stay in charge of our emotions when we feel the stress inside us.

In this third and last video of the Stress management series, Dr. Riyaz shares about that part of the Brain which further helps us to handle or manage emotions, which can engulf us during times of stress, and some exercises to strengthen that part of the Brain.


This Video series is by no means a replacement for a Psychiatric service, evaluation, or Therapy. Meant for educational purposes only and as an initiative to raise awareness of our emotional wellbeing. Download this free App created by Veteran Affairs National Center for PTSD for some mindfulness/meditation exercises and other very helpful resources to handle stress. Go to mindful.org for info on some free meditation apps.