I attended two group seminars with Dr. Riyaz wherein we touched numerous topics ranging from insomnia to PTSD and other personal issues and having being suffered from them at some point in time in life, these sessions really proved helpful. She listens to your problems keenly and tries to understand them and then gives very thoughtful suggestions or answers and definitely they help you in one way or the other. Thank you Dr. Riyaz.

Seminar Attendee.

I have had the privilege of attending a couple of group seminars of Dr. Riyaz. The sessions were really informative and it goes without saying that they were very helpful. She has some beautiful answers to queries and gives you a patient ear. I would specifically like to mention here that even though the seminars were initially planned to be of 1-hour duration but both ended up being much longer than that. The sessions were interactive, to the point, and really beneficial to one and all.

I was very much benefited from the sessions that I had with Dr. Riyaz, I joined a group session about emotional intelligence which was arranged by our company after that I joined two one on one sessions. After losing my mother a couple of years ago I was devastated, I couldn’t speak to anyone about what I was feeling, not even my wife but post speaking to Dr. Riyaz I am a changed man, I learned that my mother lives within me, I started to speak to my family and friends about my feelings. I would always be indebted to Dr. Riyaz for the wonderful sessions that she gave to me and changed me for good.

It makes no difference if you are strong, well educated, a role model for others, a rock for other people’s life’s, the safe port where people can deck their boats to protect them from bad weather. There will be a day that you are going to find yourself on the ground face down.
And then somebody will come one day, from no where and will pick you up. clean the dirt off from your clothes, take care of your sores , put you back on your own feet and make you believe in you again.
In other words this is how I can describe the coaching that I was fortunate to receive from Dr. Najmun Riyaz, during the most difficult period of my life. She is very professional but yet friendly, serious but warm , personal but respectful and I was impressed by her knowledge and ability to deal effectively with very difficult issues. I consider myself lucky and privileged to be coached by her and she will always be my guiding light of my life.