We are starting from May 15th , 2022. The space is limited.

Safe space for  Women Providers to gain self-awareness, assertive skills, confidence, and overall Empowerment.

Are you feeling burnt out?

Do you feel under-appreciated, underpaid and overworked?

Do you feel exhausted with burden of work, completion of medical records, and then having to take care of your home/family/children at the same time?

Are you having trouble in setting healthy boundaries both at work, and at home?

Well then this is the group that you may have been looking for!

$360 for entire 6-weeks

Disclaimer: This is not a group therapy or a replacement for therapy or psychiatric service.

Here’s How You Will Learn!!!!

This is a group coaching. The group is only for 6 wonderful women at one time so space is limited to only 6 women at a time only. The group will run for 6 weeks. Your feed back will be extremely important.
Weekly-Group Call
Meditation Group Exercise
Each group-call will be followed by a 10-minute meditation group exercise which will leave us recharged for the entire week, relax our minds, our bodies.
Written Exercises
One-to-one Attention
Each one of our participant/members will also be provided with as needed one to one attention during the week via email, or phone call for 15 to 20 minutes, in case a participant wants to share something that they are not comfortable sharing in the group or if they have any specific questions about the group or their progress. You will also be get  a discounted 60 minute one to one coaching sessions with Dr Najmun Riyaz, in case you feel you would be benefited from that. For details and payment on that, kindly refer to Group Agreement Page.


Dr. Najmun Riyaz, MD is a practicing psychiatrist in New Jersey and an ICF Certified Empowerment Coach. She empowers women in the workforce, especially in healthcare and tech fields, She loves to raise awareness of the importance of our emotional wellbeing and runs a social media campaign for Kashmir, India to remove the stigma on mental health.

” Two years ago, I was feeling exactly the way you are feeling now. I was working more hours than I had signed up for. I was noticing that my stress was not coming from providing my patients the care

that they deserved, but, from the corporate world, managed care, and administrative staff. I found myself being less of a doctor and spending most of my time advocating for myself, for the team involved in patient care, as well as for the clients, and stressing on the importance of good quality work. I used to feel drained, overburdened, and underappreciated. When I would come home after a long day’s work, I had nothing left to give to my family.

Then the pandemic happened. I started working from home and realized how much time was being wasted in unnecessary conversations, advocacy, and even commuting. I spent quite some time alone, pondering over what is more important in our lives? How did we get here? I started recognizing that many of us healthcare providers may be struggling with some form of codependent traits, meaning; we are fixers. We like to fix things, which may be a nicer form of “imposing control”. But we mean well and in all this caregiving business, we lose sight of our own self, our own priorities. We become bitter, angry, annoyed, and constantly stressed. Then we have trouble sleeping, trouble relaxing. We blame our husbands, partners and even children.

But in reality, what we need is first to do some soul searching as to how we got here, and what to do, to regain back our power, our authenticity and integrity, and above all our inner happiness.

I want to hear from you all and I want us to create a sisterhood, a friendship, where we will lift each other, where we can be vulnerable, and vent not just for sake of venting, but to feel heard, validated and then begin to problem-solve. With help of our inner power, we will find what works best for us. We will change the course of our life so that we can enjoy our work and that may mean making some serious changes. Some of us could be ready to make that change, and some of us, maybe not be there yet. It does not matter where we are on this journey. What matters is how we want our journeys to be from here on.

I am so looking forward to taking this journey with you and hearing more about you.”